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Eye-catching & engaging web sites


Website design that will make you look like a professional, serious player in your market. Web sites designed by kinetik will load quickly, engage your audience and generate enquiries for your products or services. We can help with hosting, email set-up and grabbing a great domain name.










You can have a web site like this one! Easy to navigate, clear and concise and without too many high bandwidth flippy flashy graphics. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities.


We can design and implement a comprehensive mobile and desk-top friendly multi-page site - get in touch to discuss your needs - or we can produce a great-looking single page site (with several areas, services, products) for, £580. For an example of a great-looking single page mobile friendly site, go to  Be sure to also look at it on your phone and tablet.


We can help with SEO, arrange domain names, hosting and email addresses. We can show you how to do it yourself on a budget, or we work closely with a couple of hosting companies who will do it all for you.


Kevin can produce movie presentations for display on plasma screens at events, exhibitions or in showrooms or reception areas. He also produces graphics, slides and other elements for use in on-screen presentations..


  • website design and build
  • domain names, web site hosting and proper email addresses
  • land line phone numbers that work on your mobile
  • PowerPoint and Keynote presentations
  • screen graphics for TV and film production
  • web site graphics (Kevin can work with your web  designer)
  • web page adverts



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very mild adult material)

see the real site:

see the real site:

see the real site: