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kinetik Logo Shop • Here you can add your logo to loads of great stuff!

clothing • work wear • mugs & drink-ware • mouse mats • coffee coasters
bags & satchels • hats • umbrellas • phone cases • badges • soft toys

Build your brand by adding your logo to things your clients will see when they visit your office; or by making gifts, special one-off items and branded work-wear.  Tell us if you want to use the Logo Shop - we need to add your logos first.

Please behave responsibly - don't use logos or graphics unless they're yours or you have permission!

For Logo Shop instructions - click here.

To see design hints and tips before you start - click here.

Hints & Tips

It's very easy to design something horrendous! But then I would say that, wouldn't I? Here are some hints and tips that will help you avoid weakening your brand.

Remember the kinetik Logo Shop is a quick and dirty solution: If you want really bespoke, properly designed quality merchandise please get in touch.

  • Some logos can not be used on some products - see the instructions page.
  • Don't place your logo on anything that makes any part of it difficult to see. For example, a black logo on navy blue or dark red. Sometimes you can change the logo colours in the shop, but see the instructions page first.
  • Don't place your logo in the vertical middle; always place it a little way above the centre - trust me; doing this will make it look like it's in the middle
    • On shirts put the vertical middle of your logo between the armpits
    • On hoodies, make sure you can see the logo on the back when the hood is down.
    • Most people hold a mug in their right hand - add your logo when you can see the handle on the left.
  • Try not to use the "add text" feature of the designer! The available fonts are rubbish and will make your logo look rubbish. You can get away with Arial or some of the more "normal" fonts for small amounts of text if you absolutely must, but it's best to ask us for what you want and we'll add a custom graphic to the shop for you.
  • If you want something specific, please ask us. (We may charge to make artwork, but once it's in the shop you can use it as often as you like).
  • It's common to have variations of your logo for use in different situations, for example a white version for use on dark colours.
  • If it doesn't look right it won't be right. Don't click "buy" on anything you're not 100% happy with - we can't be held responsible.


Tee shirt, clothing and accessory orders are fulfilled by AG of Gießerstraße 27, 04229 Leipzig, Germany.
If you need more info on this, please get in touch, but don't worry, everything is printed and despatched in UK.