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Graphic design that does its job


Using a graphic designer will ensure your printed material looks good, contains the right message and enhances your corporate identity. It's vitally important that your public image or brand is quietly confident and says, “Well done; you’ve found the right people to do the job...”


The importance of properly designed sales and promotional literature, stationery and logos can not be over stated. Good printed material subconsciously suggests confidence, professionalism and your commitment to stay around long enough to do the job and provide a back-up service.


Well designed and appealing promotional material needn't be costly: If it means your brochure is picked up and studied by a few more people, for a few more seconds, it could well pay for itself many times over.


Kevin regularly designs brochures, leaflets and other sales material, stationery, logos, magazine, trade press and newspaper ads, books, newsletters, reports, point of sale, posters, pop-up displays, and larger exhibition graphics.


We can print your material, but we're just as happy working with your existing printer. You may even find your

relationship with him improves and your print costs go down when you start giving him professionally produced artwork.