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Molly Millars Lane • Wokingham

Logo design. Building a strong brand...


...isn't just logo design. Apple do it, McDonald’s do it, Eddie Stobart do it. They spend bi££ions on their branding because they know it pays dividends; it adds value to the business and ultimately enables a snow-ball effect where promoting and selling products and services becomes easier as the brand gets more and more well known and trusted.


Kevin's passion is branding, logo design and corporate identity. Building your brand is as important as finding the next job. A crucial element of your business plan nowadays should be planning for the future. The best way to ensure a business with few or no tangible assets becomes valuable and worth selling or passing on to your family is to build a strong brand. Kevin and kinetik will help you do this.


Building a brand isn't just designing a logo and using it on your letterhead or van. It's crafting a logo or identity mark that embodies your core rationale then deploying it carefully and consistently. It could involve several logos, colours, images, fonts, texture and the intangible “feel” clients get when they deal with you.


Get in touch; Kevin can help with a simple and cheap one-off logo or a whole branding strategy for your business.